February 21, 2017

Telling Tuesday #chewyinfluencer


dig dig....cover.....scratch......

Oh hi.....(photo blurred to protect privacy)

As you know, we're part of the #chewyinfluencer team and we are lucky enough to get fabulous products every month to try out and give our honest review.  We're always SOOOO excited when the Chewy box arrives - it's always filled with wonderful treats or food.   Um............not so much this time.   Guess what Mom got for us to review?  LITTER!   MOM!  We want treats........Huh?   oh okay.....we'll let you take over our post.

Mom Sharon here!  In spite of the fact that the Furkids were looking for tasty noms or treats, I elected to review Frisco Multi-Cat Clumping Litter this month.   I am not happy with the way our current litter tracks all over the laundry room and how much dust it produces.  When we were given the opportunity to review this litter, I jumped at the chance.  I am lucky that the Furkids are not super fussy about litter.....I can change and they will use it without any problem.  I took one litter box and thoroughly cleaned out our regular litter and filled it with the Frisco Multi-cat litter.  Right away Raz went in and used it (everyone loves a fresh box!).  

From the Chewy site:

Frisco Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter is made of all-natural clay that forms hard clumps for easy scooping. The granules create a powerful bond to lock in moisture and prevent any liquid from getting to the bottom of the litter box. This litter is especially formulated to neutralize odors quickly and is low-tracking, so there’s less mess and no scattered litter trails. It’s hypo-allergenic to common allergens such as dust, plant proteins and fragrances. Frisco Multi-Cat is a heavy-duty litter that’s ideal for sifting and mechanical boxes and is highly effective in multiple cat households.

Key Benefits

  • A proprietary de-dusting system is used to reduce dust, but since this is a natural product, some dust may still be present.
  • Specifically formulated to neutralize odors immediately, including ammonia odors, and is low-tracking to minimize messes in multiple-cat households
  • Hypo-allergenic: contains no plant protein, dyes, perfumes or added fragrances
  • All-natural clay forms hard clumps for easy scooping and removal, ideal for sifting and mechanical boxes as well as multi-cat households
  • Excellent odor control with a unique deodorizing system
The Furkids have been using the litter for a little over a week now. The clumps are solid and easily disposed of and there is no "gluey" ick at the bottom of the box.  We have vented litter boxes (there are fans in the hoods that vent outside) so we don't usually have an odor problem in the room but I can often  smell odor when scooping.....that didn't happen with the Frisco litter.  Also, the tracking was minimal.   Pretty much the only time there was litter on the floor was when Raz  someone decided they needed to dig to China.  As they say in the description, there is a little dust but nothing like our regular litter.  I give this product 5 stars!  Don't worry....the Furkids put their paws down on photos from INSIDE the box!!

Click HERE to buy the Frisco Multi-Cat Clumping litter from Chewy.   Hurry - it's on SALE!

As part of the #ChewyInfluencer team we were not compensated for this review but we did receive the product free of charge for our fair and honest review.

February 20, 2017

February 19, 2017

Sunday Selfies and Welcome Teddy

We're pawticipating in The Cat on My Head's Sunday Selfies today and it's Welcome Teddy day too!   So much fun stuff going on!

For our selfie, we each took a photo of ourselves napping just liked Teddy!

We also noticed that Teddy is pretty famous....we saw him in  a billboard...

and later saw somebody at the beach doing a sketch of him

What was even BETTER was looking up and seeing Angel Sammy sending love down to Teddy and his Mom and Dad

Welcome Teddy, we're so happy that you have found your forever home at Angel Sammy's house.  We know that your new Mom and Dad will love you and care for you and give you a wonderful life AND we know Angel Sammy is purring away with happiness.  We love you already!!!

Here is the link to the Blog Hop. Teddy's Blog Hop  (you will need to scroll all the way down to his hop).  It will be open through the month of February

February 18, 2017

Caturday Cat Art and Blog Hop Reminder


Today is Caturday Cat Art Blog Hop hosted by our pal Athena.

We took this photo of Allie grooming Raz....

And edited it with SuperPhoto.  We first used the Tukyako's Mind effect and then added a frame (which was called Frame...duh)

We think it turned out pretty cool!!

See more Caturday Cat Art HERE.

Don't forget that tomorrow  is Welcome Teddy day to welcome Angel Sammy's baby brother at Two Spoiled Cats (cool that they have a new blog name!!)

Here is the link to the Blog Hop. Teddy's Blog Hop  (you will need to scroll all the way down to his hop).  It will be open through the month of February

February 17, 2017

Friendly Fill-Ins and Flashback Friday

We're pawticipating in Friendly Fill-ins sponsored by McGuffy's Reader and 15 and Meowing.

We're taking turns answering again today.....First is Mom, then Raz,  Allie and Ellie

1. Snow _Is beautiful when it first comes down but awful if you have to drive in it....don't miss it at ALL_.
2. My favorite kind of soup is _The one I made when I put the catnip ball in the waterbowl!___.
3. When no one is around, I  Snooze on Dad's laptop sleeve      
4.   Daddy        is my  biggest fan....he calls me his "little Girl" and I have him TOTALLY wrapped around my paw   .

For Today's Flashback Friday we're sharing this sweet photo of Angel Tamir trying to help Mom put the Turbo Track together.......doesn't he remind you of Angel Sammy's new brother Teddy?

Speaking of Teddy....Don't forget that Sunday  is Welcome Teddy day to welcome Angel Sammy's baby brother at Two Spoiled Cats (cool that they have a new blog name!!)

Here is the link to the Blog Hop. Teddy's Blog Hop  (you will need to scroll all the way down to his hop).  It will be open through the month of February

February 16, 2017

Poetic Thankful Thursday "J" JUMP

Today is Poetic Thursday hosted by our pal Sammy at One Spoiled Cat.

Today's letter is "J"

Our poem today is

Jump up high....it's what we do,
Raz and Allie, Ellie too.
We JUMP to the bed
To sleep on Dad's head.
We JUMP to the table
To lick butter, if able.
We JUMP on the chair,
To leave Mom our hair!
We JUMP on the cat Tree
To watch Bird-TV!
We'd much rather JUMP
Than just be a lump!

Today is also Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Raz is THANKFUL for his pawsome gal Madi.   Look at the super collar and heart she sent him for Valentine's day.  Now he can have her heart close to him all the time!!!

There was also a sweet card.....sorry....ManCats don't share PRIVATE messages from their Ladycats!!

REMINDER - Sunday is not only Selfie Sunday hosted by The Cat On My Head but is also Welcome Teddy Sunday!

From Madi's blog:

Info on linking up to the hop will be posted
on Thursday.

Good news is there are no rules for the Welcome Post..it can be anything you want to post to say Welcome. Feel free to use this badge.  Here are a few examples of things you could post about:

1.Give Teddy advice on being the new kit in the house,
2. Tell Teddy something funny/mischievous/or cute you did
when you were a new kit/pup
3. Tell Teddy how to pull the wool over his peeps eyes
4. Write him a poem
5. Or anything that would make you feel welcomed if you were a new kit or pup!

February 15, 2017

Picture Me This - Wordy Wednesday #PMTphotohunt

Today we're pawticipating in A Tonk's Tail Picture Me this Photo hunt! #PMTphotohunt 

This week's theme is DELICATE.

Mom loves Ellie's DELICATE features and the DELICATE wisps of fur in her ears.

February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all of our pals!!!  We hope you have a super day with those you love!         
Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

This photo slideshow made with Smilebox

Raz wanted to share a special JibJab he made for Madi....click HERE.

Allie also has a special JibJab for Mau....click HERE.

February 13, 2017

ManCat Monday

Do you think Madi will get my subliminal message?

BIG NEWS!   Mark you calendars for Sunday, February 19 for Welcome Teddy day.  Teddy is Angel Sammy's new brofur and we want to give him a BIG Blogosphere welcome.  Many thanks to my gal Madi for the Badge.....feel free to grab it and post it on  YOUR blog.   Linky info will be available soon.

February 12, 2017

Sunday Selfies with Raz

We're pawticipating in The Cat on My Head's Sunday Selfies today.

I tried to help these Valentine's bears do their selfies.  Unfortunately, they neglected to tell me when they snapped the photo so I'm not looking at the camera.

Want to see another super SPECIAL selfie....click HERE...you'll be glad you did.